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    viewstack inside viewstack?

    DaniOrama9 Level 1

      I'm just creating a simple website. A canvas in the left has inside an Accordion and inside of each segment of it I have a ToggledButtontBar. So now when I click in a segment of the Accordion I access to this Bar on which I have a not visible Button toggled (belox Accordion's segment label) and the other buttons. This way when I start in a section I have to choose a subsection (any of the buttons).

      The Accordion controls a StackView and each of the Bars another Stackview within. The problem is there is no way of having a viewstack inside another working propertly. Any ideas?

      Thank you!
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          peterent Level 2
          You can certainly have a ViewStack inside another ViewStack. The following is perfectly legal:

          <mx:ViewStack id="outer">
          ....<mx:Canvas label="First" width="200" height="200" backgroundColor="0xFF0000">
          ..........<mx:Button label="Go" click="outer.selectedIndex=1;inner.selectedIndex=0" />
          ....<mx:ViewStack id="inner">
          ..........<mx:Canvas label="Second" width="200" height="200" backgroundColor="0x00FF00">
          ...................<mx:Button label="First" click="outer.selectedIndex=0" />
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            DaniOrama9 Level 1
            Sorry, I just forgot to place the second viewstack inside a canvas... very stupid, sometimes it's a bit confusing using code and design at the same time... I just added the code of a viewstack inside another, and that had no sense... Sorry again and thanks for answering ;D