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    AE CC 2015 - Single frame disappears in final render


      I create YouTube videos in Premiere Pro. I recently purchased a premade After Effects lower-thirds template overlay for graphics and text in my videos. The idea was to create animations with live text templates that I could easily edit from video to video.


      Before I begin, let me establish that I am a novice in AE. When I first downloaded the premade template, I noticed this red diagonal warning tape along the one of the "precomps" (not sure if I'm using the term correctly) that is used to make the final render comp. I didn't know what it was and somehow couldn't find the answer on the Internet. Here it is:


      When I first opened the file, the animation (which has a transparent component) disappeared at the 4:00f mark, where the two precomps meet. I believe the picture above shows them overlapping and that's because I just attempted to see if that fixed it (which it didn't). The weird thing is that sometimes it's totally fine in RAM preview. In After Effects, I slide the second comp to the right and connect the first one to compensate, and that seems to work temporarily. But the problem reappears. When I drag this Final Render comp into Premiere Pro, the disappearing frame problem comes up again.

      This issue has been super frustrating. Can anyone help?