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    The hazards of compiling for Binary

    Rocket95 Level 1

      Wow.  First, I have to travel all the way over to Marc Autret's indiscripts just to get undocumented information on compiling for binary.   (thank you, Marc)   Indiscripts :: Binary JavaScript Embedment (CS4/CS5)


      Next, I still have a major problem.  My script calls for a text file that contains the names of files and the path to the files.  Like a mini-database.


      And because the binary is so persnickety ... the startup script, at launch, will only open txt docs on the desktop and refuses to allow me in any folder.  Hence, this binary is dead — for it relies on the txt doc for the needed files it is to call. 


      Rolling on the floor but just not laughing.  Because I don't want to say anything more about my product, I don't expect anyone to comment.  Frustrating.