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    Need to record Large screens

    RhondaKiser Level 1
      I have a custom application that we are trying to produce training material for. The problem I'm having is that the application has to be used as full screen/Maximized. So, when I record it in Captivate and upload it to our LMS, it's too large. The user has to scroll. I've tried using the resize feature and it doesn't work the way I want it to. Does anyone have any ideas?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          You might try using an application like "Magnifier" to reduce size, but it's likely that a high-end graphics package like Photoshop is your best bet. The captures will have to be done one at a time, and you can then reduce their size on a batch basis.

          Sorry I don't have a better idea - why do designers or developers create "full-screen" applications? That's easy - because they aren't very good at what they do ...

          If you think 'Magnifier" might help, feel free to download this public domain utility from my site. There's a link to "download free stuff" on the home page.