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    Topic properties

      I am having a real problem with topic properties not cooperating. For some reason, RoboHelp insists on making some of my topic titles lowercase. For example - the title Copyright. It keeps changing the "c" to lowercase. Also, I want the filenames to be in lowercase. Since there is not an option in the project settings to make them automatically lowercase (like Webhelp), I inadvertently typed a couple of the file names in initial caps. When I go back and manually change them to lowercase, it changes them back to initial caps. It is very annoying.

      Any insight into this problem?

      P.S. I tried creating the topics over again, but it didn't work.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If the topic title and filename are the same, you get the problem you are seeing. One obvious solution therefore is to vary one of them in some way. However, there is another trick that I only learned recently thanks to MergeThis.

          In project manager you view either the title or the filename. Whichever it is, get it right there rather than via Topic Properties. Then go to the View menu and switch from By Topic Title to By File Name, or the other way around. Then change that to whatever you want.

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            TMSpats2 Level 1
            I tried varying the name, but it still insisted on doing the opposite of what I wanted it to do. I tried your second idea, to no avail; however, I created new topics with the name varied and it finally worked. Then I deleted the old topics. Thank goodness there were only a few like that.

            Just plain aggravating. Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it.