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    Testing Context Senitive Links

      Bug Hunter and CHS test are neat littel tools. But it is a bit tedious going through every link to ensure they are all there. Is there a tool available to automate the CHS-Test process?
      For example:
      1 Select the WinHelp file.
      2 Select the header file containing mappings.
      - Tool searches all links automatically.
      - Tool displays report of all links highlighting errors.
      3 Author corrects erros and goes home early to his kids.

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          Simon_H_Holt Level 1
          Interesting thought, George. But then I got to thinking - doesn't the help compiler report an error if any topic ID in the map file does not exist in the RTF file? And isn't that the only kind of error your proposed tool would highlight? Someone will correct me if I'm wrong . . .I often am!

          I've always seen CSH test as a tool to be used prior to the developer doing his/her bit. And I use BugHunter to prove that a developer isn't calling the ID we agreed on!

          My main problem in this area is knowing that every ID that is coded into the application has been accounted for in the help project . . .