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    Naming an interactive object in a certain format will break it on export

    Armsinmotion Level 1

      Recently I had a problem exporting an interactive PDF (a digital checklist I use at our office), the problem had never occurred until I tried renaming the check buttons and form fields. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a glitch but I thought I'd report it here.


      An example of how I renamed my interactive objects;


      So they were named 01.Checkbox, 02.Checkbox, 03.DropDown1 ... etc. I thought this would be easier when I was arranging the tab ordering as there are many things to manage across several pages, and the tab ordering had always been screwy (the document mainly gets used on a tablet so it's important.)


      Then this happened after the renaming, things would break, it would say "off" in the checkbox when I clicked it, and acrobat recognized the check boxes as text boxes instead. Sometimes they turned into list boxes for no reason;


      Changed the naming back without the numbers and dot in front and it fixed it, so not sure if this naming convention was reserved for something else or if it's a glitch.



      Turns out it's just the dot which breaks it anyway - removing it with the numbers in front of the text still works fine.