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    Can't import from another catalog


      Lightroom is (or I am) getting confused in the attempt to import from another catalog.


      I shot 193 images. I imported them to my catalog on my desktop computer. Deciding later I wanted to edit them on the road, I copied (using the OS) the photos to my laptop catalog. I edited them, and then exported the folder as a catalog, deciding not to export the negative files too since they were already on my desktop.


      Back on the desktop, I tried to "import from another catalog" (selecting the catalog on my flash drive brought over from the laptop). But all the photos were grayed out, and it wouldn't let me check the folders in the top left under catalog contents. I believe the other options said "New photos (none found)" and "Changed existing photos (none found)." Under "existing photos that are missing" it said 193 found, but it made no difference what selections I made there, as the import tab was grayed out.


      Figuring that Lightroom wasn't aware that the 193 photos on the desktop and the laptop were one and the same, I went back to the laptop and this time exported the negative files too. Then in my desktop catalog I removed the original folder of photos, intending to import from the catalog again, this time with the negative files. So Lightroom should have forgotten they ever existed on the desktop. But the same problem still occurs in the dialog box--it won't let me select the folders, the photos are greyed out, and the import button is too.


      Anyone know why I can't import anything from this catalog?



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Manipulating image files outside of Lightroom often causes problems. Your image files are referenced in Lightroom by they path and file names. Moving or deleting them at the OS level leaves LR "confused" as it no longer knows where the files are.


          In getting the files onto your laptop, you should have either copied both the images and the catalog, or "exported as catalog" to the laptop.


          Since you deleted the original files referenced on the desktop, you need to delete them from the desktop's LR catalog also. Then you should be able to "import from catalog".

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            photoviews Level 1

            Thanks Joe. In trying to solve this I did do as you suggested, using "remove" to get lightroom (on the desktop machine) to forget about the original photos. I still wasn't able to import from catalog the edited images from my laptop. I also went ahead and deleted the photos from the OS too (not that that should make a difference to LR) just in case, and still no ability to import from catalog.


            Thanks for the advice on how I should have originally transferred them to my laptop. Will stick to that workflow in future. In the meantime, for these photos I still can't bring the catalog with the edited images back into LR on my desktop. The dialog box still refers to 193 "existing photos that are missing." I've removed the original, "existing" photos. What could it be referencing?

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              photoviews Level 1

              I didn't solve the problem but I did find an acceptable workaround. I restored the images I had deleted back to the original folder, then copied (using file manager) the .xmp files from the edited images on the laptop, pasted them into the original folder on the desktop computer, and then told LR to overwrite the original metadata. It's not the same as importing from the catalog, but it's good enough for now.