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    Ignoring the first call to my combobox function and using the value from the second call?

    DHeadrick Level 1



      I've used combobox's in the past but must have forgotten something.  All I want is to get the combobox value after a new menu item is selected.  I don't want to edit any entries or do any other processing.  If item A is selected, I want to get the value associated with item A.  If item B is selected, I want to get the value associated with item B.


      I've used SetAction to set up a function that gets called when a "Keystroke" event occurs.  The issue is that the function gets called twice.  Based on my research, this is expected.  The first call happens when the combobox is clicked and the second call happens when a particular item is selected.  How do I programmatically ignore the first call to my function and pay attention to the second call and its value?  In other words, what parameter can I look at that tells me which of the two calls is the one associated with actually selecting an item in my combobox?


      I believe I should be looking at event.value, and that part seems to work.  I just need to know how to tell that I'm in my function due to a menu item being selected, not the initial clicking of the combobox.



      Thanks for anyone's help.