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    Choose the texte file calling the DataMerge Script

    evan71922978 Level 1

      I have to write a script who call the DateMerge script, I have find how to du it ( using:  app.activeDocument.dateMergeProperties.mergeRecords(); ).

      But problem : the scipt call  the DataMerge script but use it with the last texte file I've use.


      I would like chose the text file when I call the DataMerge script.


      I hope you have understand my question, I'm not a pro in English :S


      Tank you for your help

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          It's in the same line. The location for the merge goes in the brackets that immediately follow the mergeRecords() e.g.




          This does not have to be one file location written out in full either, it can be a variable that has been declared elsewhere e.g.


          var csvFile = File.openDialog('select TXT file');