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    Game inventory

    Bittasweet Level 1
      With the help of a more actionscript literate friend I have created a simple inventory window. That is, a movieclip with an invisible button overlaid, which when clicked leads to the inventory window opening. I'm now stuck on a way to move an item somewhere else in my game to the inventory window, once clicked on. One way I tried was to create a movieclip in my inventory window. The first frame is invisible, the second is an icon of the inventory item, and the third an enlarged version of the item. When the actual item is clicked on in another location( it is a movieclip designed to disappear once clicked, with an invisible button overlaid), i added actionscript that, on release, it should go into _root, then my inventory movieclip (called invent) then the item movieclip (called paper1)
      the coding for the button is thus:
      on (release) { gotoAndStop (2);
      I've gone through this many times and the item just does not appear in the inventory window, any hel pwould be much appreciated!!