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    Why is my composition blank but the other is not?


      I'm trying to edit an AE file I bought from Videohive. I tried to edit Scene 1 and had no problem, but with succeeding scenes they're all just blank but there sure are contents in each of them.


      Here are the screenshots:

      Scene 1: https://gyazo.com/67975edb795f2e27410fbb6643557a23

      Scene 2: Gyazo - 3bb32d9efd62e0a5fd6f02df2a3c86c9.png

      Scene 3: Gyazo - c8b42d25c9ce701b5b48f1b4a4c81de6.png


      All other succeeding scenes are the same with what you can see in Scene 3. How do I solve this please?