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    CINEMA 4D LITE - Having a light pass through Translucent/Glass Material?


      have a very common, yet incredibly frustrating problem I have not been able to resolve after combing through these forums. I just want my light (any type of light) to pass through a glass material  which has been applied to my object (simple torus or plain).


      I have made sure to:


      Activate Ambient Occlusion + turn on "Evaluate Transparency"

      Turned on/off Ambient Illumination for my light(s)

      Turned Shadows on (Shadow Maps - Soft)

      Falloff:  Inverse Square

      Have added a Compositing Tag to my object with the material and turned of "Self Shadowing" & "Seen by GI"


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a noob and I should note that I am working with Cinema 4D Lite, if that matters in this situation.

      Thank you