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    "At least one signature has problems"


      I was viewing a PDF and noticed that this error was at the top "at least one signature has problems". So I wanted to remove it because the bar at the top took up space so I manually validating the signature. All that did was make the top say "all signatures are valid." I realized that, while it would have made more sense to just include an 'X' to get rid of the bar, you had to click on the icon next to the words and that removes the annoying space taking bar.


      Anyway, on to my question: how can I revoke trust for the signature that I manually validated? Thanks!

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Which product (Acrobat/Reader), which version (including minor), which platform (Mac/Windows), which OS/version? The reason we need the answers to these questions is because UI and behavior may have changed from version to version.

          In Acrobat/Reader XI and DC go to Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities & Trusted Certificates->More... Then click on "Trusted Certificate" in the left pane, find and select your trusted certificate in the list in the right pane and then click "Edit Trust" button on top of the right pane.