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    Stuck on Save

    vtp Level 1
      I logged in and edited one of my saved color schemes. When I clicked Save the blue and white 'processing' icon started up and has been going forever. I've even logged out and logged in again on a different computer. As soon as I attempt to edit that particular scheme it gets stuck again when I Save. Is it unrecoverable? Will I need to delete and create a new version of this scheme? What could I have done that would cause this behavior?
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          steppana Level 1
          Same thing happens for me - although I won't let it go on for hours. Two minutes is long enough to save five hex codes to a remote server.
          Kuler is a fun idea. However it works very slowly but is not as annoyingly frustrating as the new and improved Adobe Exchange (which has been improved to the point of uselessness). I don't want to have to log-in for such a trivial purpose. I guess I'll stick with ColorToy http://defmech.com/color/

          Ha! It's still saving!
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            3ABNPublishing Level 1
            I've experienced the same issue ... I let it run for 10 minutes or more. But I was surprised to discover that when I finally gave up and forced a reload (while the progress bar was still spinning), it had actually successfully saved my theme. So it appears that sometimes that save completes, but the progress bar just keeps on spinnin'....

            The site is running awfully slow the last couple days.
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              vtp Level 1
              I was working on two computers so I left my Kuler page in Save mode while I did other things just in case the problem was an overtaxed server and might eventually break through. But no luck. I logged in again today and again attempted to edit and Save that particular scheme; same result.

              Worse yet, I also tried to delete the scheme from my personal space to no avail (only waited about 10 minutes this time). So I logged out, and now I cannot log in ... same problem with perpetual waiting. Is it a problem with my account or just that Adobe didn't dream this site would become so popular so quickly and doesn't have the necessary bandwidth in place? ...or both?
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                Tim Strickland Level 1
                The issues you are currently experiencing is related to the high traffic on the site and we are working hard on improving this. So you are correct - we were not prepared for this site becoming so popular.
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                  vtp Level 1
                  What a difference a few hours makes. Just logged in again and scheme in question was finally deleted.

                  Glad access seems to be working more smoothly now!
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                    Tim Strickland Level 1
                    We've made a number fine-tuning adjustments this afternoon and the site should be running much more smoothly now.
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                      Anim8or4Christ Level 1
                      Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these problems are back and going strong again. First, I couldn't even log on. After an hour or so of trying over and over I got logged on. Now, I can't save my FIRST scheme. Well, I guess I could just do screen captures and then pick the colors from that when I need them, but what a waste!
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                        StillPointDesign Level 1
                        I just joined yesterday, and had no luck doing anything. I logged in fine, but when I tried to create my first theme, it simply saved and saved and saved . . . It isn't a traffic problem, because I tried in the afternoon, at 11 pm est, at 1:30 am est, and just now at 8:39 est. No luck at all. Frustrating, because I was very excited to find this site and jump in!
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                          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                          Hello folks,
                          That sounds incredibly frustrating, and I'm sorry you are experiencing this.

                          We have had, and are still having (1) intermittent Adobe ID authentication issues and (2) much higher traffic than we anticipated.

                          We are working on solutions for the traffic, but we don't have any control over the Adobe-wide issues. Anim8or4Christ experienced the double whammy--authentication and server issues. StillPoint, not sure why you are experiencing the saving hang up during off hours, one can't say you didn't try. :)

                          I'll pass along your posts to the team so we are aware that these are still ongoing. Many thanks for your patience.

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                            This is still not resolved. I've tried saving colors several times and it just sits there and does nothing.
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                              BiTurbo27T Level 1
                              Wow, 2 weeks later and the save problems continue. I've tried this at many different times of day, different browsers, same result. This is clearly not related to "traffic". I'd really like to use this in my Apps, but if you can't save your profiles, well, you know. Kinda worthless :-P Hope this isn't a sign of things to come with the online version of PS!
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                                Maquelly Level 1
                                There's going to be an online version of Photoshop!?