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    After Effects CC2015 not visually refreshing (until prompted)

    Dokifdf Level 1

      I'm having this issue where I make a change to my comp, let's say, for example adding a new solid, and it simply doesn't appear. It appears as a layer in the time line but doesn't appear on the stage. How ever long I wait it just doesn't show up....until I click somewhere on the timeline, which then seems to REMIND After Effects that it is supposed to be displaying it on the screen. Sure, this happens mainly in quite a busy project and I'm not impatient, I don't mind waiting for the frame to render, but if I don't click the timeline, often it simply doesn't register the change.


      It happens when moving objects with the arrow keys too. I can keep holding down the arrow key and nothing is happening, then I click the timeline and suddenly my object jumps to the other side of the screen - the place I had moved it to, but couldn't see.


      It used to be that when I was waiting for a frame to preview, there would be a progress bar. And for really busy projects it would take a long time. That was fine because at least I could see that something was happening. Right now I can be waiting and realise that nothing is happening at all. Changing the preview mode to quarter doesn't seem to fix this.