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      I have the same problem: somehow a 'trial' subscription to Creative Cloud has been activated, and now I am getting annoying pop ups about upgrading. I do not want a 'trial', I have zero interest in Creative Clouds, that is the EXACT reason why I purchased the desktop version of Lr6.

      I can't find any option to cancel this stupid trial (and stop the annoying popups). Please, inform me how to cancel this unwanted trial.

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Please follow these instructions to uninstall Creative Cloud apps:

          Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps


          After uninstalling all CC apps , you can remove the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App


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            bd88181603 Level 1

            That is the wrong answer.

            I am on a  Windows 7 desktop, and have the desktop version of Lightroom 6. I do not have Creative Cloud, nor any "apps".


            Suddenly, my desktop Lightroom 6 activated a 'Lightroom mobile trial', to which I have never agreed, and there is nowhere to disable this activation. I want to get rid of it: since I have never agreed to this, I also don't have agreed to any Terms of Services that go with it, and I don't have a clue to which of my data it will start sharing/uploading without my consent or knowledge. It is extremely disturbing that Adobe decides to put my data in a cloud. I do not want that. That is WHY I use the desktop version, and NOT any Creative Cloud services.


            So, if I don't have any CC apps, then how is it possible that Lr6 keeps telling me how many days of 'Lightroom mobile trial' I have left????? And WHY can I not disable this? Do I really have to endure 30 days long of pop-ups everytime I open Lr, or change catalog?

            I do not want CC. I want to know how to get rid of this 'feature'.

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              Pattie-F Level 7

              My apologies BD. Since you posted in the Creative Cloud forum, I thought you wanted to uninstall Creative Cloud. I have branched this discussion since your issue is different than the initial post and am moving it to the Downloading, Installing, Setting Up forum.


              If you purchased the non CC Lightroom version after running a trial version, see this link to serialize it:

              Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Serialize Lightroom CC trial to activate as Lightroom 6



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                bd88181603 Level 1

                Again: I never had a CC Lightroom version (nor am I interested in this in the slightest).


                I have purchased a LICENSED version of Lightroom 6 months ago (May 4, order nr.:  #AD005849761NL ). I never had a Lightroom CC, or any other Adobe CC program.


                . Now, I am getting messages how a 30 day trial version of 'Lightroom Mobile' is activated. I DO NOT WANT THAT! I have never agreed to this, and I want to cancel it.

                I cannot find the option to DEACTIVATE this so-called 'trial membership'. I have never agreed to any ToS, nor do I know what they even are. I DO NOT WANT A TRIAL MEMBERSHIP OF 'LIGHTROOM MOBILE' or anything else that is connected with 'Creative Cloud'.


                When I check my Adobe account, I also notice there that a 'Creative Cloud Free membership' has been activated: there is no option to DEACTIVATE that. I have never agreed to this membership, and I do not want this membership.

                Please tell me how to cancel this. The very least show me the ToS and how I can avoid that any of my data is uploaded to your servers.


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                  bd88181603 Level 1

                  If the picture (w/ relevant screenshots) above doesn't show, here is another version: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet


                  And I have just signed out, and signed back in again, and re-entered my registration code, and again the same thing: '30 days left in Lightroom Mobile', without any option to cancel this privacy-invading "service".

                  Please, remove it.

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                    Pattie-F Level 7

                    moving to lightroom forum

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                      ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Hi BD,


                      Please see this related forum thread:


                      Getting rid of the text ‘Lightroom mobile trial expired’