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    How stop ambient sound when video sound starts?

      I play ambient background music in my movie. I've written Actionscript to attach an mp3 and control the overall sound volume. The code to control the overall sound is:
      _global.allSounds = new Sound ();
      _global.allSounds.setVolume(50); for example

      However, in my movie there are also video clips (w/sound) that I have embedded using the FLVPlayback component and one of the designer skins. The problem? I don't know how to stop the ambient music when the user clicks the "Play" button on the skin. Both the ambient sound and video sound play at the same time creating a cacophony. And if the user happens to click the "mute" button on the skin, my _global.allSounds.setVolume() commands have no effect.

      How do I integrate the way sound is controlled by Actionscript vs. the way it is controlled by video components? Thanks.