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    popup memory removement


      we have to use many popup-windows with flex (flex 2.0). so we create the flex-popupwindows with the addPopup and remove the popup windows with, removepopup function.
      we have now the following problem.

      on every popup event the memory usage icrease (this is ok) but on removing the popup, we dectect a "memory-leak".
      if use the function a lot of time (creating 10 or more modal popupwindows with an menubar) -- the memoryusage is very high, too high. i have seen, some other users have the same or similar problem with memorymanagement. I searched in some forums and searchmachines , i get allways the same answert that the garbage collector of flex and / or actionscript 3.0 (flash 9.0 player) is great an removed obcject without references. we remove, befor closing the popup all Childs... set the variable to null etc.. no effect.

      Our customers cannot work with this memory-leak, is there an solution?
      Btw: we have a memory-problemt with the menubar too, on moving the mouse-cursor over the menubar the memoryusage is increasing too.

      Thanks for helping