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    Any Javascript for Playing the result animation depending on Frame Rates(fps)?

    Kyle_KIM Level 1



      I know Edge Animate is time based animation.

      but I want to play it based on user defined Frame Rates(fps)

      It's like playing at intervals.--play(0), play(17), play(34)....


      I searched about this, but everyone says "no way"

      But I think now things are changed, we can add custom javascripts into Edge Animate projects.


      Problem is that I don't know javascripts, I am a developer from different field though.

      I can trigger javascript funtions inside Edge Animate from outside of the file like this:



      Using the code, I found out that calculating and stopping at every positions is a huge problem.


      so I think  if i get to have a function with a parameter inside the Edge Animate project, I could just trigger that and load once like: