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    scroll wheel not working when over slider


      This post is with regards to Lightroom 6 (I'm not using CC so I don't know if it applies).


      Now I'm not sure whether this has been the case all along but I don't seem to remember having this annoyance when using earlier versions of lightroom.

      To make it clear, what I mean is that the scroll wheel does not scroll DOWN on the various sliders when the pointer happens to already be on a slider. I'm not trying to control the slider with the scroll wheel but simply to move up and down the page.


      I can't see any reason whatsover why this had to be designed as such unless adobe did in fact want to allow slider scrolling.


      As it is the scroll wheel just becomes useless in those spots causing me to have to move to empty space before I can continue,


      If anyone can suggest a solution I'll be very thankful!