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    Recording Errors-New Computer

      I had this problem with an older PC. I've just installed a new Mac G5 with 2GB memory, dual core, all the stuff maxed. I also just installed Captivate 2.

      When I do a capture of a web browser session and play that back, I'll be on one screen...then randomly (usually two or three times in a 20 slide sequence) I'll see the highlight box for the *next* screen pop up, the cursor moves to that box, *then* the screen moves ahead one to the correct screen.

      This is exactly what happened with my old P3 PC box. Now it's happening again with XP. It happens with Firefox and with IE. Also, I get occasional Captivate crashes when using the new IE 7.0.5 right when I end the recording. It's the typical Msoft nonsense about "memory at X(@*44238 failed" and associated bin-hex goobledy-goop.

      Is anyone else getting these kinds of "jump ahead" captures? Any solutions?


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          Hi Tom and welcome to our community

          I think the mismatch is a common thing. Particularly as related to Web based stuff. Normally one needs to supplement the recording process with liberal use of the Print Screen key to force captures when Captivate doesn't recognize the screen has changed.

          There is a TechNote on this you can read by clicking here.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I went back to the old PC and it does the same "capture ahead" thing with Firefox. I got most of it to work with IE. I can just edit in the bad slides.

            So you are saying, this is common? That's a serious bug!
            I should "supplement" the recording by hitting the Print Screen...when? When I'm going to exit the page, right after I exit a page, before/after each text box click, before/after cursor movements, after typing text....

            I'm not sure when to press that key. I produce fairly complex Vids with about 20-40 web browser pages...and multiple cursor/text examples and scrolling on each page....


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              Thanks for posting this. Its a "feature" that drives me nuts.

              I can get around it usually by hitting print screen immediately after my screen paints and before doing anything on the screen.