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    Video created as result of render doesn't work no matter the format...


      I hope some one can help me please.


      I am new to After Effects but I am basically creating a travel video compilation in Premiere Pro. I am making an animated world map in After Effects when the plane flies from one place to another...


      I made one, rendered it as AVI and the video is fine and is added to my premiere pro video. Now a day or so later I have gone to make another but with two different locations for the animation of the map. However now, no matter what I render the composition as, it just does not work.  It renders the video, but the resulting file doesn't play with any video player (Quicktime, WMP, Premiere Pro). It baffles me and is frustrating me beyond belief. Everything has been made the same as the previous composition that worked no problem, but now the computer just says n


      Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I am new to After Effects and i'm hoping it is just me being stupid and it being a quick fix. Below is a screen shot of the render I try


      Kind Regards