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    flash player will not work in Farmville 2 either in Firefox 40 or IE 11.


      flash player and graphic drive is up to date.  It hasn't work since upgrading to Window 10 from 8.1.  Had to downgrade back to 8.1 because of all the problems 10 caused but the flash player wasn't fix by downgrade,  tried 02uninstalling and reinstalling and still does not work correctly.  please help?  This problem seem to be only in farmville 2.  my computer is:


      Window 8.1

      Processor:  AMD El-1500 APU with Radeio HD Graphics 1.48 GHz

      System type:  64-bit OS  X64-based processor.

      Flash Player (32 bit) 18-0.0.232



      Hope some one can tell me how to fix the problem.