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    Borderless printing problem

    Dan Roman Level 1

      I am currently using Lightroom CC (2015.1.1 release) for Windows and for some reason can get the borderless printing option to stay set.  It worked with previous Lightroom versions.  I go into the Page Setup... dialog and set up the printer settings as I wish (borderless, 4x6, etc.) but they do not get set once I get back to Lightroom.  Lightroom has margins and cell sizes with borders.  If I go back into the Page Setup... dialog it is as if I hit cancel instead of ok.  None of my settings choices including paper type and borderless are retained.


      If I export the photos and then use Windows to print the pictures I can set all the options (including borderless).  I've searched the forums and the web in general and it appears others have the same problem but no resolution other than the export workaround.  Are there mutually exclusive settings that would cause Lightroom to not accept the printer settings?  Same thing happens if I use the Printer... dialog--I set up all the settings the way I want but they are ignored and it prints the way the printer properties were before I changed them.


      I am using an HP Photosmart 7520.