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    Macro frequently used RH11 styles?


      Hey all,



      After doing some searching over the past few days incrementally, I'm almost assuming this isn't possible, but I'm praying there may be a way to do it.


      My company has a specific StyleSheet that we use for almost everything. A few weeks ago I asked (like an idiot) how to make all styles viable in the Styles and Formatting window, and of course it was simply by taking off show preview.


      I do high volume project maintenance (changing the headers, general formatting, master pages, overall look, ect...) of very large projects daily, all averaging between 600 - 3000 topic pages.


      I've gotten pretty fast at general changes and style selecting, but no matter WHERE i search, I can't find a way to keyboard macro frequently used styles.


      Here are my questions / desires for this task.:

      -Ideally I would want to macro between 7 and 16 styles.

      -Is there a way to replace current general RH shortcuts with these desired styles? (I use a few default shortcuts, but not many)

      -If I can replace them, can I just pick which to keep and use every other slot for my styles and maybe,.. say ... Clear Formatting?

      -If it isn't possible to do this, is there an add-on / helper to do this with?



      Thanks for looking and hopefully advising.