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    Book module error message


      I have created a 120 page book containing both photos & text passages in LR 5.7 Book Module. As I work away from home much of the time I did this on my windows note book & then transferred it to my Mac when I was home to do final proofing before uploading. From LR book module I could create a good cover & book pdf file but when I went to upload to Blurb, I keep getting the same error message. "An error has occurred adding texts & fonts to this book" The two fonts I used were Colonna MT & Adobe Gammon Pro.

      I contacted Blurb & they said they could not help me but to contact Adobe / Lightroom.

      I have created two other books this way in the past two years without issue, in fact I could not believe how good everything worked.

      So my two questions are simple, hopefully the answers are similarly simple.

      What is causing the problem?

      How do I correct it?