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    Error using tag  cfhtmlhead

    DaveKraft Level 1
      I have a page referring to itself. The code is trying to go to an anchor on the page.

      Please check the syntax in my code which uses the cfhtmlhead tag. Note it has two pound symbols in a row, like this ##
      <cfif structKeyExists(session.currentperson, "var_id")>
      <cfhtmlhead text="<meta http-equiv=""Refresh"" content=""0;url=DspParticipantList.cfm##session.currentperson.var_id#"">">

      When I remove one of the two pound symbols, the page compiles and the url shows as it should EXCEPT there is no pound symbol before the page anchor ref. Example:


      Of course there SHOULD be a hash before the 840!

      840 is the dynamic anchor I'm trying to jump to on the same page.

      But when I put the double pound back in (and this has worked in other aps I've written) I get an "invalid CFML construct" CF complaining: ColdFusion was looking at the following text: >

      Any suggestions? Thanks!