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    Copying lists of behaviors

    VizFX76 Level 1
      Do you have any idea how can I copy simultaneously an entire list of behaviors (which are appropriate) from a W3D member to another? Something like copy attributes from other programs. Like this I could bypass a lot of consuming tasks.
      Many thanks and best regards.
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          johnAq Level 1
          Copy the sprite

          Exchange the cast member


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            duckets Level 1

            johnAq's response is right - in a little more detail:

            Assuming you have two 3d cast members, each appearing as a sprite on stage.
            Sprite 1 shows member "scene 1". Sprite 2 shows member "scene 2":

            In the score window, you'll have to:
            - delete the 'destination' sprite (sprite 2)
            - copy the 'source' sprite (sprite 1)
            - paste into sprite 2's old channel

            Now both sprite 1 and sprite 2 are displaying "scene 1", in the same position on stage (but they both have the same set of behaviours) so:

            - select the "scene 2" castmember in the cast window
            - go back to the score, select sprite 2, then hit Ctrl-E (for "exchange cast member") Sprite 2 will now be displaying "scene 2"
            - finally reposition and resize sprite 2 back to its original position and size

            hope this helps!

            - Ben