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    issues importing- Doesn't acknowledge all of my pictures in the same folder.




      I followed the instructions to import, opting to copy pictures from my HD to my external HD. When I set it up, I saw the thumbnail images appear on a few of my images, but the rest were blank. It registers the over 3000 pics that I have in my folder, but only shows 150 as imported. I cancelled the import and tried to start it again and it shows 0 able to import on the left hand side, even though it registers over 3000 files in the folder. WHen I click cancel, a pop up comes up that says no photos or videos were found to import.


      I did discover that I can see all of the pics is I switch to Loupe mode, but just empty squares with file names in grid mode.


      I am using Lightroom CC.


      I am at a loss as to what to do, any suggestions?