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    Missing Catalog on a Mac


      I was attempting to back up on an external drive and was following instructions from a You Tube video.  I did an export of the catalog with a ton of pics to a folder on "My Pictures" and as it was going through, I realized it would take a while and I cancelled the export.  LR CC froze and I forced quit.  When I restarted, there was a pop up box that said stuff like cant detect catalog and had three choices to select from: New Catalog, Default Catalog, Quit.  There wasnt anything under new and I chase Default.  When it launched it was with zero pics.  I looked under the parent folder for Lightroom under Pictures of my Mac HD and I see all the folders I had created in LR (as I had given them unique) names.  However the pics in those folders are shaded (wont open on double clicking), there is a one "Lightroomcatalog.lcrat" file but thats only 1.5MB and doesnt open in LR.  I had done a Time Machine back up to an external drive too and I looked there too but cant find the catalog.


      Where is my original lightroom file?  Please help.