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    Urgent help: How to remove the accumaltion when show movies step by step with buttons

      I want to show the movie step by step by clicking the next button. Inside each frame, many movie clips are generated dynamically at runtime, and they can be played interactively.

      I achieves the step-by-step display of those frames by adding another layer with the action stop(). But I got one trouble: all the movie clips from previous frames are accumalted. How to remove the accumulation from previous frames?

      For the continuous display of the movie, I tried to use onEnterFrame() and change the _visible property of all the movie clips to false in this function. But it doesn't work for the step-by-step display. Once I click the next button, the movie clips at the current frame just show very quickly, then disappear. What should I do?

      I need to fix this immediately.

      Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      - zcx