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    When will there be fixes for indd 2015??


      When is there going to be a fix for indd 2015? How much longer can it before there are some patches to download to stop the constant crashing when typing, scrolling, saving, selecting, moving, launching, placing, opening, exporting, looking away for 3 minutes...

      I'm using all the 'get around' suggestions, e.g.. disconnecting from internet when launching, i have used the format to help with the text problem. I can't backwards install as i now have too much work on indd 2015, but I sure wish I could. Seriously Adobe - what are you doing to fix it? What is the latest update? Oh and my creative cloud libraries don't work anymore either.

      Is anyone else getting really quite desperate? Does anyone rate any good alternatives to creative cloud?


      Is there anybody  out there?