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    Cannot get the whole Action Window to show


      Hello, I am very new to Edge Animate and have been trying to start up a small project for myself to test out some of the different features, however I seem to have run into a snag right away. Whenever I try to open up the Action window, the right side of the window looks as if it's not showing up. To clarify, I was watching a tutorial video and this is what the Action window looked like there:

      However, whenever I bring up the window, it looks like this:

      There are no buttons to the right on the top bar that would bring up a dropdown or let me close the window, and of course there are no buttons to insert any of the actions along the side.

      While I can click on the right edge to drag out the window, it doesn't show anything else other than the pieces shown here. Additionally, if I click anywhere on the very right of the window, the whole window shrinks down to the left. While this isn't much of an issue, I get the impression that this shouldn't be happening and might be linked to why I'm not seeing the right side of the window.

      I read elsewhere on the forum that newer versions of Edge Animate don't include those action buttons on the side like that and that you have to click on an arrow somewhere on the bottom of the screen, but I cannot find that arrow for the life of me, and am worried that the window being cut off is making that function inaccessible.


      In addition to all this, when I was looking around for a solution I saw that you could open up a Code window and set things up from there, and I managed to get to the same point as above where I have the first line set, but then I can't figure out what else to do in the Code window that would bring up the actual actions such as "Stop" and "Play," if that can even be done from here. This is what my Code window looks like:

      For reference I'm using the most up to date version of Edge Animate 2015 for CC.