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    HD full, can't open LR catalog?


      My 1TB hard drive is full with only 17MB left on it. All I have on it is my LR catalog and my images. When I try to open my catalog, it says my hard drive is full and I need to create 20MB of space in order to continue. I deleted a ton of photos and I still have 17MB left on it and I get the same message. I assume it's telling me this because LR needs the space to create backups? I'm not sure. Maybe I made a serious mistake somewhere. I really just need to open my catalog. Help!



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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi erinover



          Restart your Computer once.

          You might be deleting Pictures you do not need  only from Lightroom not from Disk

          Image result for Lightroom delete pictures


          • See what is the actual space left on your hard drive from Finder/Explorer.Also look and delete Videos from the catalog if not required.
          • Empty Trash/Recycle Bin
          • I would also suggest a disk clean up and de-fragmentation of your external/Internal hard drive.

          How much RAM is installed in your computer?

          Which version of Lightroom and Operating System(Windows or MAC) are you using?