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    Can I use Adobe stock images in my copyrighted work?


      Hello Everyone,


      I want to use stock photos to serve as illustrations for my educational lesson material.


      Before using adobe stock images, I will need definitive answers to the following:


      • Can I use Adobe Stock images in my copyrighted work as an illustration and still retain the full right to my material (that is being illustrated)?
      • Can I do so without attribution?
      • Will doing so put my ownership of my material at risk?


      Here are my assumptions from reading the license agreement, that I would like confirmed prior to using the images:


      The content creators and adobe hold their copyright to their images, and only to their images. My lesson material is NOT considered a derivative work, because, in part, it was created prior to retrieving the stock photo. Although I do not have exclusive copyright to the photo itself, I DO have EXCLUSIVE right to everything else in my material. And finally, Adobe and/or the image creators make absolutely no claim to any of my material, only to the images which they provide.