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    AfterFX - Buying CPU/Video Card Help


      Hi I'm new here, I couldn't find and answer to my question so here it is. To whoever answers, thank you very much in advance because I don't know who will be able to help me. I have Adobe CS5 Suite (not planning on upgrading anytime soon considering the costs) but I am planning on upgrading my PC however.


      The question is: regarding the newer CPUs and video cards which I plan on purchasing, will I be able to use their full potential with programs like After Effects and Premiere? What I mean is, do I have to configure anything within AfterFX/Premiere for them to decrease my render times for exmaple, as well as increase overall performance? If so, what and how? Also, I heard that the video card specifically can be used to decrease render times. Do I have to configure that? If so, how? I would hate to upgrade my PC system without taking full advantage of it! Cheers!


      If you can help me but aren't sure because of my older version of Adobe Suite, still reply please, any help is appreciated!