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    Data Merge without using mergeRecords

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      So far as I am aware, there are two commands that begin a data merge. These are:




      (for merging to InDesign files); and




      (for merging directly to PDF)


      But who says that I HAVE to use the dataMergeProperties features to export records to only these two file formats? What if I was able to loop through the records with the data merge preview on and export to other file formats using the exportFile function? I've made a script that loops through all records and can export one record at a time using the conventional dataMergeProperties.exportFile, but I can't find any way of controlling how to use the Data Merge preview to cycle through the records one by one to use a normal exportFile.


      I've had a look through InDesign ExtendScript API (10.0) and I can't find any controls for the Data Merge preview itself.


      Am I missing something, is this not possible, or is it possible but undocumented?