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    Setting Boundaries for Loader Component

      I'm trying to load an external .swf movie on to my main .swf movie using the loader component. The movie loads, but the loader doesn't respect the external movie's document dimensions.

      I have a document that is 800 x 600 and I wanna load a navigation menu that is 390 x 150...It has to be this size because it's one of those automatic scrolling menus that scrolls left and right depending on where the mouse is...However, the the loader component loads content that is outside of the external movie's 390 x 150 document size.

      What do I need to do to set a 390 x 150 boundary for the loader component. Sizing the Loader with the Scale tool works if I'm loading .jpg's, but again, if it is an .swf file it will load content outside the external file's document borders.

      Please Help!