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    Toggle Import vs Esc key -- A Rant.


      I'm a user. With an experience. A negative experience.


      The current way that imports are set up, it makes sense to go through a process of importing only select photographs into the library, discarding those with poor exposure or focus out of hand. After all, why would I care to see these rejected, useless photos ever again.


      Well the easiest way in which to do this selection process is to simply hit the arrow keys to scroll, while hitting the ` (or ~) key on the keyboard, toggling the import status of a given photo.


      Directly above this key is the ESC key. You know where this is going.


      Having shot a 3000+ picture wedding, while pulling selects off of my second camera I accidentally hit the ESC key ONE TIME. This closed the import module, without prompt or confirmation, nullifying around an hour's worth of selecting pictures. I was almost done. Almost.


      From a UI design standpoint this is the utter worst case in what should not happen.  Placing an important shortcut directly adjacent to a key that can completely trash hours of work is bad. Not protecting the user from loss by not thinking to add a confirmation popup is worse


      PLEASE put a pop-up confirmation for ESC function closing important panes into the program.



      Now I'm going to go double over and cry / barf for a while.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          I feel your pain.  However, this forum is primarily a user-to-user forum in which Adobe product developers rarely participate.  Please repost your feedback in the official Adobe feedback forum: Recently active topics in Photoshop Family about Photoshop Lightroom

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            Hayhill Level 2

            Sorry, but I miss the point of the rant. You say you do this and have problems in the import module. Would it not be MUCH better to import all the photos, open the lilbrary module and use the X key for reject (I also use the P key for definite keepers and no keystroke for the unsures). At any point you can stop, pause etc. without losing anything. At the end just hit the Command/Delete key (MAC) and you are done and never "trash hours of work".

            I am not a profession photographer doing 3000 shots at a time, but I have had a lot of experience in database management in other fields. I have seen many examples where it is so much easier to change your own workflow, than it is to get a software maker to change their program to fit your preferred workflow.

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              Do you realize that the P and X keys work for pick and unpick in the Import as they do in Library (at least they do on a Mac, not sure about Windows).  Unfortunately the Auto-Advance feature doesn't so you have to use the arrow keys.