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    Would like to produce consistent spacing before and after section titles in TOC




      I'm trying to create a style for TOC entries for book section titles. I would like to have slightly more space vertically between these section titles and either other section titles or subsection titles, like so:


      Section 1


         Subsection 1a

         Subsection 1b


      Section 2


      Section 3


      and so on. To do that, I can readily add space before and space after for the section title style. The problem comes when there are two section titles together with no intervening subsections, like 2 and 3 in the example above. Then the space between these titles is doubled. If I define either a nonzero space before or space after, but not both, then the titles will not be spaced properly in areas where there are subsections either below or above a section title. Does anyone know of a way to achieve consistent spacing?


      Thanks in advance for any advice!