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    Illustrator layers partly disappearing on worksapce bug


      AE error.png

      I have imported layers from illustrator...


      I have been working on this AE CS6 project for 2 days and just as I suddenly as I was scrubbing through my timeline,

      some of the layers were partly disappearing... When I imported more layers from Illustrator, it got worse and

      I couldn't undo it, and I don't have a backup.


      I have been messing with the preferences to no avail.


      Here are my computer specs.

      OS: windows 7

      Processor: Intel core i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz

      RAM: 8.00 GB

      System type: 64-bit

      VGA: NVIDIA GeFroce GT 730 4046MB

      I have two display monitors


      As you can see, my character should look something like this


      AE error2.png

      I have been googling a lot to fix this because it will take so long if I have to redo all the animations.


      I would appreciate any help I can get