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    Lightroom CC does not allow me to enter new Profile Name for Export with Prsent for ColorChecker


      I have the latest version of the Lightroom CC running on Windows 8.1.  I purchased an X-Rite ColorChecker (CH) Passport today and installed the software that came with it.  Using my Nikon D7100, I took a raw picture of me holding the CH in my hand, and then imported it (.NEF file) into my LR library (selected the Copy option on the Import window).  Then, I switched to the Develop region for the same imported pic.  Afterwards, I clicked on the menu  File->Export with Present->ColorChecker Passport to create a new profile.  The LR never gave me the option to enter a Profile name, in other words, it never displayed the Enter DNG Profile Name dialog popup window.  However, it did create a new custom profile named "profile"; I can see it under the Camera Calibration tab.  I tried to do the same process again, and it says that would you like to override the "profile" present. 


      How can I get the Enter DNG Profile Name dialog popup to come up?