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    Issue with getting a drop down to pre-populate text fields




      I have a form where I want to populate a couple of fields when an option from a drop down is selected.


      My column headers are

      Product (This is the dropdown)


      Item Code


      I found some code on these forums from a similar query and have popped it in but Im not sure if Im doing it right as I am getting errors.


      Should I be selecting 'change' under show?


      The code I have used is:


      var sNewSel = event.value;

           switch (sNewSel) {

             case "Scott Slimroll Hand Towel Roll":

               this.getField("Description").value = "Scott Slimroll Hand Towel Roll - 1ply - White";

               this.getField("ItemCode").value = "PTKCSLHTROL1P-W";



           case "Scott 36 Folded Toilet Tissue":

               this.getField("Description").value = "Scott 36 Folded Toilet Tissue 36 x 100";

               this.getField("ItemCode").value = "PTKCSCTTIS2P-W";





      I have Commit on Select selected


      Whats gone wrong?? The error I get is:


      adobe issue.PNG