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    problems with my Photoshop touch app?


      When I try and import a photo from my camera roll it become pixelated. Is this something to do with the app being taken off the app store?





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          try to close all the other apps or restart the iPad. at the moment i have lost all of my projects and once the "switch off/ switch on" IT solution worked for me. Unfortunately, it happened again And i am looking for an answer that solves my problem. In any case for me it is almost clear that some of these issues are related with the lack of available memory of te device.

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            jennmccann Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your help. But it still doesn't seem to work. I am a teacher and have been using this app in lessons for over 3 years now and never experienced anything like this.

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              The product has been discontinued!  Here's what happened to happened to me. Photoshop Touch stopped working and my Photoshop touch files started showing up as gray squares with an X in the center. When I tried rebooting the program and then restarting my iPad it still wouldn't work. Then all of my Photoshop Touch documents disappeared! I had more than 60 files of photo collage artwork that I had spent many hours creating, and they vanished from my iPad. At this point I decided to attempt reinstalling Photoshop touch. I deleted the app and then went to the app store to re-download my purchased copy of Photoshop Touch. Lo and behold, Photoshop Touch no longer exists in the App Store! I did a quick search on the web and found an article in Tech Crunch; Adobe has discontinued the product - without informing the the owners/users. In my case, it appears that my copy of the app was 'terminated', along with all the Photoshop Touch files of my artwork on my iPad!  If I had known that the product was going to be discontinued and removed from the app store I would've at least had the option of saving the individual elements of the files so that I could reconstruct them in another program. I've yet to find a way of contacting Adobe to express my extreme displeasure and frustration with this issue.

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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                Users were warned about a month before PS Touch's discontinuation.


                If you bought PS Touch, it should still be available under the digital marketplace account you bought PS Touch under. (At least it's still available to me under Google Play. No reason it can't be the same for the App Store.)


                I hope you backed up that artwork to something like Creative Cloud beforehand, else it's gone forever. Always have a contingency plan so you don't come across this kind of heartache down the line. (In this case, backup, backup and backup.)