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    Lightroom 6 (CC) cannot publish to Flickr on Windows 10

    greeners Level 1



      I have been a long time user of Lightroom, and used the publish to Flickr feature many times.  I have upgraded to Windows 10 since that time.


      Now I find I cannot publish images from Lightroom 6.1 to Flickr, so I have looked at the publish service settings; I can see the flickr session is not authorized.  I cannot get it to re-authorize either.  Clicking on the 'Authorize' button in the Flickr Account section causes UAC to ask me to allow a cmd to run: "lightroom.exe /register".  I allow it - nothing happens.  The default web browser should open, but doesn't.


      Anyone else had this?  Thoughts, suggestions and the right answer very welcome!


      PS.  I am most [un] amused that Adobe Lightroom suggests to the user in an authorize popup dialog that if it doesn't work - to try reinstalling Lightroom.  Very funny.  How about improving the robustness of the application, testing it thoroughly, and not releasing it with bugs??  I am paying for this, c'mon.