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    How exporting like: page 1 AA01.JPG, page 2, AA02.JPG, page 3 = AA03.JPG


      I have a large project with a hundred Indesign file need to Export each page to a JPG file.

      When I export these files, the result is:

      page 1 AA.JPG, page 2 AA2.JPG, page 3 = AA3.JPG and so on.


      Is there a way to have more features when exporting like:

      page 1 AA01.JPG, page 2 AA02.JPG, page 3 = AA03.JPG


      I searched on Google and some script can help but it doesn’t work well and smoothly when I have a lot of Indesign located different folder.I need someone can help to change something with Indesign script. So I can choose File -> Export -> Put the name is AA and result once exported is AA01.JPG, AA02.JPG, AA03.JPG

      Thank you,