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    Unsure about image licensing for a website I don't own?



      I have a CC plan that includes Adobe Stock and have a question about image licensing. I have read the terms and so on but I am still very unsure about it.


      I'm currently doing an internship as a Concept Developer and want to use a photo from Adobe Stock as decoration on the website I'm working on for my internship host/boss.

      Can I do that under the standard license as the website isn't mine? Would she qualify as a client? Does she have to buy the license herself?


      I have done freelance work for her in between my first internship with her company and the current one, and I therefore see her more as a client, and she also sees it that way.

      Also as I'm in the process of starting my own company, she will be crediting me with the design of the website.



      Kind Regards,

      Winnie from Denmark