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    embedfonts & alpha

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      yes i know this issue has been discussed many time before, and i've read
      many threads and post, but still found no solution.
      basically, this is my code (which is found inside a function):

      var _txt = txt_mc.createTextField("text",10,X,Y,W,STAGE_H);
      _txt.html = true;
      _txt.selectable = false;
      _txt.multiline = true;
      _txt.styleSheet = cssFormat;
      _txt.htmlText = "<p class='"+Format+"'>"+Text+"</p>";
      _txt.autoSize = "right";
      _txt.wordWrap = true;

      when 'Format' & 'Text' are parameters passed into the function containing
      this code, and 'cssFormat' is styleSheet object, into which an external css
      file was loaded.

      at this point, when all works fine i want to set the alpha of the text (or
      actually the MC containing it) to 0 (so later i can fade it in).
      after adding -
      txt_mc._alpha = 0;
      not surprisingly, the text isn't affected by this change (only the other
      graphic element in the MC), so i add -
      txt_mc.text.embedFonts = true;
      which causes the the text not to appear at all...

      just for tesing, i added -
      but it made no change.

      any solution?
      thanks in advance,

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          Look this file, you get the solution:

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            thanks for your help, but in your case the text field wasn't created
            dynamically, niether the embeding of the fonts, and you didn't use
            'htmlText' nor external css (or any other stylesheet for this matter).

            as i'm trying to create a dynamic as possible movie, all the data is
            imported from external resources, and all the graphic elements are created
            (or at least placed on the stage) by code.

            any other productive solutions?

            "basker3dartist" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
            > Look this file, you get the solution:
            > www.huefix.com/forums/dyfontfade.fla

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              Marghoob Suleman Level 1
              did you embed that fonts to your library.? i know you are senior than me. but sometime we forget something.
              you need to embed that font into library which has been used in your CSS.