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    No audio when rendering video. Yes I have audio selected.


      Why is it such a pain to render anything out of After Effects. I have an animation. I have added audio to the file. But when I render it out in AVI uncompressed, or Quicktime H.264 or any other damn format there is no audio, And before you suggest making sure I have Audio output selected, I do have it selected.


      I need to render the file out with RGB + Alpha which severely limits the compression and output file I can use to render the file. And even when I render AVI uncompressed to get the RGB + alpha there is no audio.


      What do you use to render Quicktime with alpha???

      What do you use to render the file with alpha and audio?????


      Every time you update this product sh..... stuff changes. and it is a pain in the butt to figure out what will yield the results you need.



      And when you are on a deadline with a client, well you all know that feeling.



      While I am ranting, When are you going to bring back the option to render to FLV? I had no problem with that format at all, and the files were the perfect size for the web.